Holmes (3 years old)

  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: Grey
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Suitable for: All
  • Date Posted: 01/05/17
  • Breed: Chinchilla
  • Healthcare:
  • Healthchecked
  • Status: Available from 21st June (due to neutering)
  • Fostered by: JN
  • Holmes has come into our care after his brother passed away and his owner felt he didn’t have enough time for him. He has recovered well from his recent neutering (though is still holding a grudge against his fosterer!). As far as his personality goes, he’s not particularly cuddly (just like many chinchillas) but he’s very tame in other respects – he’ll always sniff his fosterers hand when she reaches into his cage, and he isn’t scared of humans. His two favourite things are dust baths (when the bath is put in his cage, he jumps into it before it’s even down!) and running around in his playpens. When he’s REALLY happy he even performs parkour moves in there, leaping off the walls! It’s really cute. We aim to bond him with another chinchilla as they’re social animals so do get in touch if you have lonely chinchilla who you’re looking to adopt a partner for.

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