Shop online and raise money for A.R.C.

Raise funds for Animal Rescue and Care via TheGivingMachine (logo)Anyone who shops online, buys travel tickets or books hotels on the internet can now raise money for A.R.C. with no extra effort!

Just register with and choose A.R.C. Animal Rescue as your beneficiary using sign-up code 62550. If you start your shopping by going through their website first, the companies will pay A.R.C. a percentage of the sales. It’s really easy!

So, if you shop online at GAP, but do it via thegivingmachine, it will donate 5.25% of your total shopping bill to A.R.C. You buy a £35 pair of jeans and A.R.C. gets a free £1.84. It all adds up!

The businesses signed up to the scheme include Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Amazon, The Trainline, M&S, Next, Argos, Asda, Ebay, Boots, B&Q to name a few. We don’t see what you’ve been buying, but we do get those extra pounds and pennies which help us in our mission.



thegivingmachine-sign-up-codeOur new quick sign-up means it is even easier for your supporters to sign-up to The Giving Machine and support your cause.
By using sign-up code 62550 supporters will automatically become an “Animal Rescue and Care Twickenham giver” when they register as a giver on TheGivingMachine.
Share your quick sign-up code via email and social media and get even more of your supporters raising free donations for you when they shop online.

Please give it a try. And, thank you for your support!