• Sex: Females
  • Colour: Brown and Tan, Ginger and white
  • Neutered: No, bonded females
  • Suitable for: All
  • Date Posted: 7/6/16


  • Breed:Short-haired
  • Healthcare:
  • Healthchecked
  • Status: Available
  • Fostered by: LG


  • Betty (pictured here) and Doris (Ginger and white) are 1 year old girls looking for their forever home.
    They both have lovely natures and are happier when out of the cage together, they can tend to be rather noisy when out, chatting to each other.
    The food they enjoy is carrot, cucumber, red pepper, romaine lettuce, curly kale, dandelions and grass along with the daily dried food and hay.
    They will require to be indoors as Betty’s hair is actually 5″ long, she will require regular grooming and hair cuts to stop her fur from matting, also to decrease the risk of flystrike. Their hutch/cage size should be 120cm / 4ft minimum in line with RSPCA guidelines, suggested donation is £25 for the pair which helps towards the care of future guinea pigs entrusted to us.

I’m interested in adopting Betty and Doris.