Adopting a Cat or Kitten – The Process

Step 1

You can view all the cats and kittens that are in need of a new home here on our website.

Step 2

Once you contact us, we’ll arrange a home visit. This is to make sure your new pet has an environment with everything it needs and to make sure that the animal you are interested in is right for your lifestyle. It is also an opportunity to offer you further information on how to care for your animals, from vaccinations to diet, and for you to ask any questions you might have.

Step 3

If you have chosen an animal, after the home check we will give you the details of the fosterer who is looking after your potential new family member, so you can arrange a convenient time for you and the fosterer to meet.

Step 4

To go ahead with the adoption, you will need to complete and sign our adoption form and leave the minimum donation for your new companion(s) with the fosterer. Please see minimum donations.

To adopt a cat or kitten call us on:

07926 158 163

Finally please don’t forget to come back and leave us a message on our Testimonials page once your new pet has settled in!



  • At A.R.C., we do not home kittens before 8 weeks of age. If, however, kittens are orphaned and fully weaned, it may be in their best interest to be homed at 6 weeks of age to an experienced home
  • A.R.C. does not advocate the homing of young kittens into solely indoor environments, unless the kitten has a special requirement
  • A.R.C. does not home single kittens into homes where they will be left alone for long periods of time. We ask people who work all day to have an older kitten or a pair.


Unfortunately we see first hand the issues caused when cats have been homed as ‘indoor cats’. We will only home a cat indoors if it has a special requirement.

BlackCatForCatAdoptionPAge“Did you know that as a black cat, we’re the least likely to be adopted?”

Mario, 18 months, rescued and rehomed by A.R.C.

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