Adopting a Rabbit or Guinea Pig – The Process

Rabbits and guinea pigs are social little animals, and so need to be homed in pairs or groups. We therefore don’t allow adoption of a single rabbit or guinea pig unless you have another one at home to bond it with.
We can bond one of our rabbits with your existing rabbit but your rabbit must be vaccinated against Myxomatosis/RHD1 and the new fatal rabbit disease RHD2 before we can do that. We also have pairs of rabbits or pairs of guinea pigs that are already bonded and ready for homing.


Step 1

Once you make contact with us, we’ll give you the details of the foster home so you can arrange to meet the rabbit(s) or guinea pig(s) and make any bonding arrangements if necessary


Step 2

We’ll then complete a home visit and help you in making sure you have everything you need for your new family members


Step 3

To go ahead with the adoption, you will need to complete and sign our adoption form and leave the minimum donation for your new companion(s) with the fosterer. Please see minimum donations.

Finally please don’t forget to come back and leave us a message on our Testimonials page once your new pet has settled in!


Meet our rabbits and guinea pigs waiting for new homes