To find out more about adoption including animal donation amounts and basic care guidance (for hamsters, mice, rats, degus, gerbils & chinchillas), please click here: small furries adoption process page.

Baby Rats Coming Soon

  • Sex: Male & female
  • Colour: tbc
  • Neutered:No
  • Suitable for: All
  • Date Posted: 13/10/19
  • Breed: Rat
  • Healthcare:
  • Being healthchecked and sexed when old enough
  • Status: Available soon
  • Fostered by: NP
  • Coming soon. They were born in the week commencing 7th October (their mum’s were pregnant before arriving in our care).

I’m interested in adopting baby rats

Kenzo (8 years old)

  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: tbc
  • Neutered:Yes
  • Suitable for: All
  • Date Posted: 07/10/19
  • Breed: Chinchilla
  • Healthcare:
  • Healthchecked
  • Status: Available soon
  • Fostered by: JM
  • Coming soon

I’m interested in adopting Kenzo

Herbie & Hugo (1 year 9 months old) RESERVED

  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: Brown & white
  • Neutered:No
  • Suitable for: All
  • Date Posted: 04/09/19
  • Breed: Gerbil
  • Healthcare:
  • Healthchecked
  • Status: RESERVED
  • Fostered by: PH
  • These boys are very inquisitive and love to come out and see what’s going on. Herbie is very friendly and cheeky, while Hugo is more reserved but with a bit more time he will gain trust. They are loving their free-roaming time at their Fosterers, which is important fun-time for Gerbils which they’d appreciate in their new home. Hugo (white) has half his tail missing and his front toes are a little bent as if they may have been broken in the past, but he’s completely mobile. Both are enjoying millet, their new wheel, a sand bath and burrowing in their tank. Minimum housing for Gerbils is Skyline Falco or very similar. Their previous owners had to give them up due to cats in the household.

I’m interested in adopting Herbie & Hugo


ARC do not have any ferrets for homing but if you are looking to adopt one please contact Ferret Rescue Surrey. Tel: 07904 717 795 Email: Facebook: Ferret Rescue Surrey


We are generally unable to take birds but Kelly’s Rescues should be able to help.


We occasionally rehome both tropical and cold water fish but don’t have the facilities for marine fish. Please email us in the first instance or alternatively you can contact Fish Rescue and Welfare.

We are not linked to these rescues so please do not contact ARC



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