Update 22/09/21: Florence is the Auguti and is still terrified of everything. Melanie is the hooded with curly whiskers and will take food from her fosterer. Her and Caroline the Siamese are the most friendly and Anna is making progress.

Melanie and Caroline are the friendliest ones and will take food off their fosterer and come and see her when the cage is open. Anna is very timid and will pop over but treats need to be put on the floor for her. Florence is still terrified and will not come near anyone. We hope their confidence will improve with time as they came from a home of 35 rats in awful conditions so have been neglected. They’ve all received treatment for a respiratory infection but have responded well. Melanie is still a bit sneezy but is still on Bayril for the moment.

The girls can be rehomed as sanctuary animals if needed i.e. we cover the cost of any respiratory related vet visits at our vets in Twickenham.