Aiden is another unneutered male stray who has come into ARC’s care after coming to the attention of a kind lady. She could not find an owner and, sadly, Aiden was not microchipped when we scanned him. Aiden is a quiet boy at the moment and not much is known about his personality. Once he is in foster home, we will update his profile.

Aidan has been castrated, wormed, treated for fleas and microchipped. During his castrate, the vet found that Aiden had a large abscess behind his ear. This has been treated and he has had a long acting antibiotic to aid healing. There is a lump in his other ear that the vet suggests should be monitored. If this needs treatment in the future, ARC will cover the cost at Twickenham Veterinary Surgery.
Our vet estimates Aiden to be 5 to 6 years of age.
UPDATE FROM FOSTER HOME- ‘Aiden’s been very shy, jumps at every noise and vehemently tried to escape the first few days. But he’s settled down for the most part and keeps well hidden from us during the day. A positive change is he came out of his hiding spot last night and sat next to me (albeit there was a fair bit of coaxing with a pack of Dreamies). He didn’t seem to fussed as long as I didn’t try pet him. He’s not been so keen since but it’s work in progress, I’m quite happy to tackle this one as a longer project, Im sure with some time, patience and love he’ll be completely homeable.’