Albus and Remus have been with ARC since late 2016. They were handed in to be rehomed before their 1st birthday.
Remus (black and white Dutch) has always been extremely nervous and unfortunately has not improved whilst being in foster care. His foster mum has attempted everything, even trying reiki by an animal healer who offered her help.

Albus and Remus are very much in love. Albus is not as nervous as his partner and will tolerate a quick nose rub but will then scoot off to be with Remus. They currently live in an 8ft hutch with an outside area which they happily mooch in and out of, but you will mostly find them snuggled up together.

Amazingly, a wonderful former ARC adopter has come along and agreed to take care of Albus and Remus for the rest of their lives. They will be left to get on together with minimal human interference and will have an attached run so they can go in and out of their hutch as they wish without being handled.

ARC will continue to pay the vet bills for these two beautiful rabbits for the rest of their days. We are so happy a wonderful home as come along and they can now have the peace and quiet they need.