Allan & Ken are two very handsome boars aged approx 2 years old. They came in as their owner recently got a puppy and the children had lost interest. Allan (Abyssinian) is the more confident of the two, and will come and beg for food every time he sees me. Ken is more reserved, but very sweet despite being a little nervous.

They’re both very very active, love running around their cage doing zoomies and chewing all the hanging toys, so they must have plenty of piggy safe enrichment available. They would definitely benefit from having regular free roam time / a very large cage- the minimum we will consider is a 5×2 C&C.

Please note that we will Not rehome to outdoor set ups, indoor homes only- this particular pair will require a 5×2 C&C or bigger.

All set ups must include:

  • Open ended hides
  • Tunnels
  • Piggy safe enrichment
  • 2x food bowls
  • 2x water bottles or a bottle & bowl combo.
  • Unlimited good quality hay
  • Suitable substrate for the cage floor (no shavings)
  • Guinea pig specific nuggets (we recommend science selective or burgess excel)