Please note as Georgie is undergoing medication for a nasal and facial irritation, due to being housed in woodshavings & incorrect bedding, they are not yet ready for adoption.

Amy (Burmese) & Georgie (Agouti) haven’t had the best start due to incorrect handling and unwanted attention from a cat. Amy is far more confident, while Georgie is somewhat reserved at present. Like all young Gerbils they are fast,  however when being handled they are well behaved, but wriggly! They will settle down with age and confidence. 

Gerbils should be kept in a large glass tank with at least 8 -10 inches deep of burrowing material to satisfy their natural instincts. We recommend the Ikea Detolf (£60 direct from Ikea) and we can direct you to suppliers of ready-made lids if necessary. Junglepets Small Animal Housing plain tanks (without shelves), 36″x15″x15″ (this would require a topper which we can supply) or the 48″x18″x15″ plain tank is ready to use Glass Small Animal housing ( We can advise on sourcing accessories and best setups for any of these tanks. We also recommend the Ferplast Gabry 80, Skyline Falco, Skyline Marrakesh (96cm) when in stock.  We are currently able to supply a large 2 storey tank with the first pair of Gerbils in ARC’s care to be adopted, for a donation to us.