Little black Ash has gorgeous green eyes and a wonderful personality. He came to us with his 5 sisters who were all adopted within the first week so at first he was a little bit lost and missing his playmates. However, he soon realised he was king of the castle and got all our attention which he just loves. Ash is loads of fun, absolutely adorable and we have been very happy to enjoy his company for a little longer than his sisters.
He’s quite chatty, (well squeaky so far!) and will often ask to be lifted up on your lap where he then bursts into loud purrs especially when you stroke him. Then it’s play time and he asks to chase around balls, cuddly toys and things on strings. He’s growing very fast, plays a LOT and likes to career around the house through sheer joy…
Lastly he waggles his ears in a funny way so we have nicknamed him “Grogu”, as he definitely has a little JEDI streak.
He has been brought up in a home so is well socialised, active and playful. He is not worried by 2 large, cat friendly labradors and would suit any home. We only home kittens where a cat flap has been installed so that they can come and go during the day, once they are old enough to explore outside.
He has had a health check, treated to prevent fleas and worms, and been microchipped before homing.