Autumn (Mum – born in April 2019) & Star (Daughter – born in Nov 2020) are a really sweet pair of rabbits. Autumn came to us with her litter of babies and their Dad. She was a brilliant Mum and her kits have now all found homes of their own. We decided to keep little Star with her Mum as she possibly has a slight neurological issue. When she first arrived she spent a lot of time staring up (like a ‘Moon Staring Hare’). She has been on a course of Panacur and been checked over thoroughly by our vets. She is a curious, lively little lady and loves her Mum. Her new owners will need to be able to keep any eye on her and live close to Twickenham should she need any further treatment. Autumn is spayed but their new owner will need to get Star spayed when she is 6 months old (to be done at Twickenham Vets). Can you offer this adorable pair their forever home?