This adorable litter of kits came to ARC after being born to a wrongly sexed pair of rabbits, this is their second litter. All kits are developing well and have settled in well to their foster home. They have all had a thorough health check and their vaccinations. The males (Domino, Tyson and Clyde) are being castrated on Saturday (24th) and will then be ready to find new forever homes of their own. The girls are still too young to be spayed so their new owners will need to ensure they are spayed when old enough (around 6 months of age). They can be adopted in pairs or as a single to be bonded with an existing rabbit. Can you offer these rabbits a new start in life?

Tyson  (boy) Р black lop, white nose, almost completely black. The chunkiest one (Tyson likes his food)
Tilly – (girl) – mainly black, thin white stripe on nose The smallest one.
Emily (girl) – mainly black, one white shoulder, blue eyes
Sally (girl) – black with white shoulders. Nicknamed Sally Gunnell, as she has hurdled out of the run! Very active
Bonnie – (girl) black eyes and ears, mainly white with a couple of black spots on back
Clyde (boy) white ears, black eyes, mainly white, bit more black spots than Bonnie
Dottie (girl) – black ears, white, lots of black spots. Bit skittish,
Domino (boy) – white ears, blue eyes, mainly white, some black spots