Biscuit, Tigger, Scout and Lenny (born 8th June 2020) have come to ARC after being born due to a wrongly sexed pair of rabbits. They are all super friendly and are now ready to start a new life in their forever homes. They are all vaccinated but are too young for us to spay, so if you adopt one or two of the females, you will need to ensure she/they is/are neutered when old enough (around 6 months old). They can be rehomed in pairs or as a single to be bonded with an existing neutered male rabbit. They will be large/medium sized bunnies when fully grown. Can you offer any of them a new and loving home?

Scout (f)
Biscuit (f)
Lenny (f)
Tigger (f)
Oreo (m) – ADOPTED
Gadget (m) – ADOPTED