Bella is a Shirazi Persian female cat who was originally brought to the UK in 2019 by her owners. Sadly, they have now had a baby and have decided to rehome Bella as they do not feel they have the time to give her the attention and affection she deserves.
Bella is a 10 year old neutered female. Her owner tells us that she is ‘full of sass and playfulness’. We are told she is very friendly to new people although she does not like other cats or dogs. When she is anxious and scared, Bella will swear and swipe, so she really needs an experienced owner who will give her the time to settle into her new home. She is happy to be stroked but does not like her lower back touched and will tell you when she has had enough! She does not like to be groomed, so regular short and sweet sessions required to keep her in good condition. She does love to go out into the garden and will rush through open doors or windows to get outside so, again, a new owner will need to be careful with door and window management until Bella has settled.
Bella has however settled into her foster home quickly, Bella looks really grumpy but she is actually proving to be very sweet. She just doesn’t like being picked up!
Bella is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.