This lovely trio of girls are Betty (ginger & white with whirl on her head), Dulce (ginger, white & brown with whirl) and Bunty (ginger & white). Dulce is the daughter of Betty, Betty and Bunty are sisters. Betty and Bunty had a bit of a rough start being part of a big rescue, Betty gave birth to Dulce while in our care. They are a bit shy of humans and would be suited to a more experienced house with no young children. But they are getting more used to handling and likes getting quite vocal when it’s near dinner time to remind you. Bunty is very inquisitive and will happily take food from your hand if you give her a chance to get used to you. Betty is still a bit distrusting and would need a bit of extra patience to win her trust. Dulce can be curious and shy depending on her mood. They are quickly becoming more trusting and revealing their unique and adorable personalities and believe they will be even happier in a loving patient forever home willing to make them part of the family indoors.