Billy and Kevin are 2 friendly boys who have been loved and well looked after by their previous owners. They came into rescue due to their owners moving away.

They have passed their check-up with flying colours. Billy (white) is quite large but the vet thought he was just a “big boy” and there were no concerns. They are both good eaters and love most vegetables, salads and herbs. They have been handled in the past and are happy to be picked up and will sit on your knee. Both will lick your fingers. They are good company and can be quite vocal when they think there is food around. Like most guinea-pigs they can be difficult to catch but once caught are very calm. They will make a lovely addition for the right family.

We’re looking for an indoor home only- which must be 140cm in length, eg a Ferplast 140cm indoor cage or a 4×2 C&C set up- bigger is always better if you have the space.

Guinea pig check list:

  • At least  2x open ended hides
  • Piggy sized Tunnel
  • Two water bottles or bottle & bowl combo
  • 2x food bowls
  • Enrichment (willow sticks/balls)
  • Safe wooden chew toys
  • Unlimited good quality hay
  • Guinea pig specific nuggets (burgess or science selective)
  • Suitable substrate for the cage, eg newspaper, megazorb,anti pill fleece or chenille bath mats.