Billy & Kevin are two handsome boars who were surrendered in September 2023 due to their owners moving away.

Billy (white) is the more confident of the two and quite affectionate and full of personality, Kevin is much smaller than his brother in size and a little on the shy side, both boys are very active and love their daily floor time where they get to burn off some energy.
They also get daily lap time with their foster mum and will happily sit on your lap for a cuddle in the evenings.

Like lots of Guinea pigs, the boys can be a little difficult to catch, but once you have them they are absolutely fine! So don’t let this put you off.

The boys will need a spacious indoor set up that’s at least 140cm or bigger, eg a 4×2 C&C set up or bigger with regular floor time and cuddles. When the weather is warmer they LOVE being in the garden on the grass in their secure run.