Lilo & Stitch were living with their mum in a garden. The owner of the property contacted ARC and our wonderful volunteers went out to collect the mummy cat, who we have named Jojo, and to trap the kittens, who were hiding behind a shed. It took a couple of weeks to catch the family but they are now safely in our care. Stitch is a short haired black and white boy and is a bit braver than his sister.
Lilo is a very pretty torti female but very fearful and will only let you stroke her when she is eating at the moment. Both kittens are good with other cats, so would be ideal to go to an experienced adult home on their own, or with another friendly confident resident cat. The kittens are quite timid having lived outside for some time. However, they are not feral and will let you stroke and pick them up if they can’t get to a hiding space first!
A new owner would need to be happy to continue socialising the kitten to a home environment but we are sure they will quickly become wonderful pets with some time and patience. We usually find once they are split, they start to trust humans a lot quicker, hence why we need individual homes for them, rather than as a pair. The new owner would need a safe smallish room to start the kitten in, with few hiding spaces, to enable you to handle the kitten and start to gain its trust, otherwise they will just hide if they can and you need to be able to pull them out.
They have had their first vaccinations and been microchipped, wormed and fleaed. They will need a booster vaccination towards the end of August and to be neutered at the end of September.