Chestnut was born in rescue after his mum, Ruby, arrived pregnant.  We bonded him into a trio, but unfortunately this broke down and he’s back with us.  Chestnut has a lovely nature and is very vocal. Being a youngster, he does need a lot of exercise for running, ‘popcorning’ and exploring. Therefore he needs a home that can offer him plenty of space to roam for part of the day. He is fine to handle, but due to his age he can’t sit still for very long! Adult supervision would be needed if children were handling him as he’s likely to ‘take off’ and we wouldn’t want him to injure himself. Chestnut likes his food and is currently eating Burgess pellets, a variety of vegetables, including fine green beans, carrot and parsley.  Could you offer him a home with a single male guinea pig you already own?