Cissy is an elderly girl who is believed to be about 17 years old. She was brought to us as a stray but her microchip helped us to find her owner who decided that it would be better for Cissy to be rehomed by ARC.

Cissy was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a year ago but, because she had a tendency to wander off for a day or two at a time, her previous owner did not start her on treatment. As a result of this, she is very thin and her medium length coat is not in very good condition. Like many older cats, Cissy is quite vocal and will meow for attention and a fuss. Because of her history of wandering, we are looking for a home where Cissy can be kept safe in a secure garden where she cannot easily get out.

Cissy is looking for owners who are happy to look after a senior cat,give Cissy her thyroid medicine once a day and brush her coat to try and prevent knots forming. ARC is very happy to cover the costs of Cissy’s ongoing treatment for her thyroid and any other conditions that may manifest themselves in an older cat. However, she would need to be taken to Twickenham Veterinary Surgery where we have an account. The new owner would be responsible for covering the cost of Cissy’s food and her routine flea and worming treatment.
She settled immediately into her foster home!  She has eaten a few treats, used the litter box, and enjoyed some scratches. She has been purring non stop.  ‘Cissy is very sweet and has settled right in. She has enjoyed exploring our house and hasn’t really shown any interest in going outside. She likes to sleep on my son’s bed at night and enjoys hanging out with my husband when he is working during the day. We have been able to brush out some of her matted hair. She doesn’t mind the daily medicine at all. She has been eating lots of food…4 packages yesterday!  She is perfect using the litter box and hasn’t scratched any furniture.’
Can you provide Cissy with a loving, retirement home?