The Two Fat Ladies named as they came in as looking suspect pregnant.

Clarissa gave birth to two beautiful friendly babies, a boy and a girl who have been homed with youngsters of similar ages and are extremely happy in their new homes.

Clarissa was very social during pregnancy, birth and nursing, taking food from her fosterer and rushing to the door for treats and attention, but since she stopped nursing she’s become a little more cautious. This is not unusual due to a hormonal imbalance and we anticipate her returning to her usual loving self very soon.

Jennifer however has always been very nervous hiding behind her wheel. She’s been an incredible aunty to Clarissa’s babies who have adored her company. Since the babies have been weaned she’s started to come out of her shell and has started to eat treats from her fosterers hands. She’s been living in a very hormonal environment and the vet believes she has had a phantom pregnancy. Both waiting to be loved and will make super companions for a more patient home.

Please note that degus require a metal cage (not plastic) with dimensions around 95 x 63 x 159cm.