Clarissa, Minty and Marge are adorable female guinea pigs who are well bonded as a trio. They are long haired and require regular grooming and need to have their hair trimmed regularly, especially round their bottoms and feet. Minty and Marge are ginger and tan and look nearly identical, but Minty is the slightly bigger of the two. Clarissa is white, tan and ginger and is more confident than the other girls. The trio enjoy chilling in their hideaway and exploring their surroundings. The girls are nervous at times and will need to be handled with sensitivity. But they do enjoy sitting on a lap and being stroked. The girls will need a big indoor living space of 1.5m in length, which could be constructed of C&C-type panels (see photos for an example). This is in line with the RSPCA recommended cage size. Could you offer them a home?