Coco is a sweet, intelligent but sensitive female cat who was born 10.9.19. She has been very well cared for by her previous owner and has come in neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and with a full veterinary history from her owner’s vet.
The reason she is being reluctantly rehomed is that she has started to wee outside her litter tray, on the floor, following the family acquiring an Alsatian dog earlier in the year. The family also have another female cat and two autistic children, all of which seems to have stressed Coco badly, leading to the inappropriate weeing.(Coco has been seen by a vet to rule out any physical causes for the inappropriate urination). Since arriving in our care, Coco has spent some time in our cattery unit where she has used her litter tray perfectly. She is now in a quiet, gentle foster home where she has been the perfect house guest! She us an absolute transformed lovely cat. Very happy, playful and content after just one week.

She is a very loving and happy cat.
Because of her history, Coco needs a quiet, calm home with no other animals, a nice garden for her to play in and with someone who is happy to have a litter tray indoors so Coco always has access to a tray should she need it. Coco loves her food so any new owner will need to make sure she does not overeat. Coco also seems to be clever and learned how to steal the other cat’s food in her previous home even though her owner bought each cat a microchip cat flap to prevent this. Coco would apparently wait for the other cat to go to its bowl, triggering the flap to open to reveal the food, then she would squeeze in around the back of the other cat to help herself to the other cat’s food. She was also very good at opening doors in her previous home. Coco will therefore need a home where her owners will play with her and stimulate her to prevent her from becoming bored.
Can you give this little soul the quiet, calm home she requires?