Coco is a gorgeous black and white female cat. We did home her before Christmas but she and the resident cat did not get along so she has had to be returned to out care. Coco is a very friendly, gentle cat who would like a home without another cat and where she will have access to a garden, via a cat flap, once she has settled. Coco was wormed, fleaed, neutered and vaccinated in early December. She is also microchipped.
FOSTER HOME UPDATE: Coco is a sweet, gentle, easy cat to take care of, who likes to be around people. She is confident and adjusted from the very first day to her foster home, wanting to be close to her fosterer and following him around the house in the early days. Now that she is fully settled, Coco is more independent and is happy to settle down and nap somewhere quiet or to explore her foster home. When she is not asleep, Coco likes to sit on the windown sill to watch the world go by. She has a healthy appetite and is not fussy about her food. She is also very well behaved in the house and uses her litter tray perfectly. Woever adopts Coco will be very fortunate!