**Please note that Coco will only be rehomed to be bonded with another lone female or neutered male, she will not be rehomed as a lone gerbil**

Coco was originally housed in a pair but she had an argument with the other gerbil and unfortunately they had to be separated and couldn’t be re-bonded. She came into our care from a family with young children and seemed to be great with them.

Coco is such a lovely gerbil and is very active and comfortable with people being around the tank. She enjoys the sand bath, but her favourite place is her hay tunnel. It is extremely cute to be able to see into her nest through the glass and watch the starting of her burrow system. She will take food from you but is still a little nervous about sitting on your hand to eat it and be picked up. This little one loves a good treat, but she is rather picky about which ones she wants and often takes the tastiest bits first! Coco is very settled despite only just arriving at her foster home and will happily groom out in the open. As she has only been with us for a few days she is still somewhat apprehensive about handling but we’re sure that she will flourish with a bit more time spent taming as she has already allowed us to stroke her a couple of times in the play pen. This lovely girl would make the perfect addition to an experienced gerbil home, where she can bond and spend time with one other female gerbil.

Gerbils should be kept in a large tank with at least 8 -10 inches deep of burrowing material to satisfy their natural instincts. We recommend the Ferplast Gabry 80, Skyline Falco, Skyline Marrakesh (96cm), Jungle Pets plain Gerbil/Mice tank 36inch+ or a similar sized tank or DIY Aquarium.