Diego has settled brilliantly into his foster home and has transformed from an anxious cat into a happy, adventurous and playful cat. He loves playing in the safe, open area next to his fosterer’s home as can be seen from the video. Diego is enjoying making friends with all the neighbours, including a neighbour’s cat! At the moment, Diego is getting about without any difficulty but we will have his knees reviewed by a vet in a couple of months time. Diego is a gorgeous boy and deserves a wonderful home.

Video- IMG_2851

Diego is a very sweet, 8 month old white and black male who has come into ARC’s care with a history of medical problems. Diego’s owner’s vet felt that most of these were as the result of stress caused by living with an autistic child.
Diego has been seen by the vet and castrated. The vet also examined his knees and it is highly likely Diego will need surgery when he is a year old. ARC will cover the cost of this surgery but Diego needs a very special owner who can take him to Twickenham Veterinary Surgery when he is a year old so his knees can be reviewed and a decision made as to whether he needs orthopedic surgery. This may be able to be undertaken by a specialist at Twickenham Vets or he may need to go to a specialist centre.
UPDATE FROM FOSTERER- He is ultra friendly! We let him outside, thinking he’d be wary. Not so. He rushed up to neighbours he’d never met; invaded houses if doors were open; was unfazed by next doors three year old screamer; made friends with the local children and spends his days either out playing with the neighbourhood cats or inside napping or getting into mischief. When he’s out he rushes up to me if I call him. No sign of a limp, he’s running but not leaping and we keep him in at night.
I read the notes and am horrified that other charities wouldn’t take him because he was deemed to be too ill and even euthanasia suggested. He’s full of beans and gorgeous!

We are hoping that living in a adult home, where he can relax, will resolve many of Diego’s problems, as his fosterers are finding him a wonderful houseguest!