Dora is a 4 year old white and black neutered female cat. She has lived all her life in a third floor flat, in an adult only household. She is a strange mix of contrasts; quite bold when first arriving at her foster home and strolling around to explore. She did not hide as we expected but slept close to her fosterers bed. However, when our fosterer leant down to stroke her she did nip. She would be happiest in an adult only home with experienced cat owners. Her new owners need to give her patience and time as Dora wishes to get to know and trust you and not rush her to be stroked, or at least that they get to know her first and learn the signs and signals first so you can be smart about the occasional stroke if she’s uneasy and may swipe.
She is a very sweet cat under the issues, purrs a lot, likes to rub up against everything, curls up on the bed and likes to be close to people. But on her terms I think, it’s all on her terms and what she’ll allow.
We believe that, once settled, Dora would benefit from having a garden to explore and exhibit natural behaviours.
Dora is neutered, microchipped and has had her booster vaccination and been wormed and fleaed.