Dora is a 6 year old white and black neutered female cat. She had lived the first 4 years of her life in a third floor flat, which she struggled with, in an adult only household before coming to ARC. She was then rehomed to an elderly owner and garden, but has sadly been returned after a few incidences over the last 2 years, where Dora has swiped/bitten and caused injury to the elderly lady.
Dora is quite bold and will stroll around to explore. However, she was at first wary of strokes, once settled she would approach and push her head into her fosterers hand asking for strokes but care must be taken initially. She would be happiest in an adult only working home with patient or experienced cat owners and must have access to a cat flap. She is a lovely cat that likes to sleep, play and watch the wildlife, but does have the potential to swipe if unwanted attention or stressed. She loves to be around you but doesn’t necessarily want to be fussed, so her new owners need to respect this diva aspect to her!
Her new owners would need to give her patience and time to settle as Dora wishes to get to know and trust you and not be rushed in the first few days. She could also potentially live with a cat friendly dog who will ignore her, like in her current foster home with 2 Labrador’s.
She is a very sweet cat, she’s happily independant and often affectionate, she curls up in her favourite warm spots and likes to be close to people.
Dora is neutered, microchipped and has had her booster vaccination and been wormed and fleaed.

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