Update- ‘ Elizabeth is proving to be very different here.
Once settled she’s chatty, sleeps on the bed with me and loves cuddles and a bum scratch. As soon as I get on the bed she’s snuggling into my bathrobe to kiss my neck, head bump, dribble and do the front paw kneading thing (paddy paw I call it). No naughtiness at all. She’s happy to spend time on her own as well.’ She could potentially be rehomed with a docile male cat if required.

A video of Elizabeth at her foster home IMG_2174

Elizabeth is a black, neutered female cat who, we have found out from her microchip, was born in 2015. She has come into our care following her elderly owner being taken into a care home. She is therefore used to a quiet home with an elderly owner with whom she has lived much of her life having been adopted from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. She has lived as an indoor cat during this time.
We homed Elizabeth very quickly after her arrival but despite the home being lovely and quiet, and her new owner working hard to help Elizabeth to settle, she remained fearful of being touched. Once she settled, she enjoyed playing in the evening, would take treats from her new owner’s fingers and proved herself to be lively, intelligent and very clean. However, she did not want to be stroked and would strike defensively if she thought you were going to stroke her.
Elizabeth needs a home experienced with timid, traumatised cats. She is worried by change and will just want to hide when she initially moves and, any new owner or owners, will need a lot of patience to help her settle and gain trust in them.
Elizabeth can be handled by a person experienced in holding timid cats and was very well behaved at the vets where she had a health check, was wormed, fleaed and vaccinated.
We would like Elizabeth’s new owners to be an adult couple of single person with a garden that she can explore once she has settled and become braver.

Video of Elizabeth – IMG_1991