Eloise is a very sweet 12 week old kitten. She is a typical kitten and loves to play and then sleep! She is friendly and confident as she came fom a home with dogs and children. She is in a foster home with a dog so would be suitable for a family with a dog, as long as the dog is cat-friendly. Eloise has a good appetite and uses her litter tray beautifully. She will need a home with a garden that can be accessed via a cat flap for when she is old enough to go out and explore. Eloise has had a health check with the vet where she was wormed, fleaed, microchipped and had her first vaccination. She will need a booster vaccination at the end of June and to be spayed when she is 5 months old, so any one applying for her must have the finances to cover the cost of these procedures.
FOSTER HOME UPDATE: Eloise is a sweet inquisitive kitten. She is confident to explore new surroundings and loves to play. She’s also very affectionate and loves cuddles and sitting on your lap. She doesn’t mind being picked up and will purr away when stroked. Eats well and is litter trained.
FURTHER UPDATE: Eloise is now very fond of the dog with whom she is living, and the two are beginning to snuggle up together at night!