Flo is a very beautiful, 10.5 year old long -haired, neutered female cat. She has come into our care as she was not coping with living in a busy family home. Sice being in ARC’s care, she has lived in two foster homes and has settled quickly into both. She would like an ADULT ONLY home with access to a garden through a cat flap. Flo loves to laze in the sun, chitter chatter to the birds and chase the leaves. She would NOT like to live with another cat and, although she lived with a dog some years ago, would prefer a home where she is the only pet. Flo is affectionate, chatty and playful and she loves to be gently brushed.
UPDATE FROM FOSTER HOME: Flo is a quiet cat that likes to sit or sleep beside a window for most of the day. As she has settled into her foster home, Flo has become much more affectionate and is proving to be very sweet and affectionate cat who really likes to be petted and cuddled.