Giselle has had a difficult time whilst trying to be a mum: the place she gave birth to her kittens didn’t think it was their job to feed her so a neighbour, who she went to for food, took the kittens and Giselle home with her and helped her put on weight. However, this lady was about to have a baby herself, so she took Giselle to a local vet to ask them to help. Fortunately, one of the nurses at the veterianry surgery also volunteers for ARC so Giselle came into ARC’s care with her kittens.
Giselle is a very pretty and sweet cat. She is very long legged and elegant (hence her supermodel name). She has quite a short tail which will be checked by the vets when she is spayed but it doesn’t seem to bother her. At the moment, she is a little reserved but this is likely because she has had a very confusing time recently and is putting her energy into her kittens. She has been a very good mum and is very gentle both with her kittens and with people. She does enjoy some affection and human company and has a lovely little purr which comes out when she’s enjoying a stroke. We think that with a little time and, when away from her kittens, her true personality will come shining out, but so far she is a sweet and gentle girl.
Before she is rehomed, Giselle will be wormed, fleaed, microchipped, spayed and will start her vaccinations.