Gretl and Brigitta: they say we shouldn’t have favourites but……

Gretl is the naughtiest, cheekiest little goo her fosterer has met. She has serious FOMO and has to be involved in everything. Simply put, it’s all about her!

Brigitta on the other hand is calm, gentle and loving. She comes out of the cage, (rather than Gretl who escapes from the cage, did we say it’s all about Gretl?) and loves little strokes and cuddles. She really is the most affectionate and adorable goo.

She takes Gretl with a pinch of salt (she must have the patience of a saint!) but will not be walked over either. She’s the silent boss. However they are fairly new to living together and despite Brigitta being the silent boss, Gretl has started to pee on her during cuddle times, but we believe this is just a settling in issue which should pass. We’re currently monitoring them very closely.

These two super sweet loving girls would be suitable for new goo owners or a family.

Picture to come and ready from early December.