Harris and Tweed are two gorgeous, closely bonded boys who came into rescue in December. They are very content piggies and love hay, romaine lettuce and floor time. Harris the long haired black piggy is one and he popcorns with delight when he comes out for floor time. He is quite shy but Tweed who is four years old is naturally inquisitive and loves to say hello to his foster carers. Both boys are used to lap time and like cuddles.

Harris and Tweed are long haired and require grooming and trimming to maintain their lovely coats. Harris can be brushed easily and this can be part of lap time. We can show you how to do this and it doesn’t take a lot of time if done regularly.

Tweed has a small sebaceous cyst on his back. He has been seen by an experienced vet who doesn’t want to remove it at this time unless it grows in size. If this happens in future ARC may be able to pay for this with our vet in East Sheen.

Tweed is a very youthful 4 and is in good health apart from the above common ailment. Due to the age gap between the boys it is probable that Harris will outlive Tweed. We would ask that anyone considering adopting the boys is prepared to come back to ARC in the event this happens for bonding in the future. We offer a free bonding service and ask this because we want our animals to live their best lives with companionship.

The boys love exploring and will need an indoor home which meets our minimum piggy requirements of a 4 x 2 C and C set up or 140cm cage. Can you offer this delightful pair of boys a forever home?