Harry was reported to us by concerned residents because he was living in a plastic crate, tucked into the shelter of a flower bed. Harry was outside in the coldest weather for 10 days and looked incredibly depressed. Because none of the residents had been able to handle or touch Harry, we set a trap and baited it with food. It took less than 5 minutes for Harry to decide to go into the trap for the food.

Since arriving in our care, he has enjoyed sleeping in our heated cattery unit and having a ready supply of food. On arrival, and to our surprise, we found that Harry was microchipped but, when we tried to look up his record we found his chip has never been registered so we could not identify an owner. Because he does not want to be handled, Harry was anesthetized by the vet to be castrated, but it was found that he had already been neutered so our vet checked him over and wormed and fleaed him. He also estimated Harry to be 7 to 8 years of age.
Harry will need a very experienced and patient adopter as we have no idea if or when he last had a home. At the moment, he hisses and spits when approached to discourage you from touching him. We think Harry will be a long term project and not a quick fix!