Here is Henry, an 11 year old, long haired domestic cat. Built like a prop forward, he is a very friendly, lovely natured and desperately glamorous BFG.


When Henry arrived in his new foster home, he was very comfortable with his fosterers, accepting strokes and purring straight away. However, like most cats, Henry did not take to a new environment immediately and will need to be given time to be at ease in his new home. But within a few days he should be strolling about like he owns the place; let’s be honest, he does.


Henry has successful Shawshank Redemption style escapes to his name and his new owners will have to be very vigilant with him until he accepts his new home, and doesn’t devote his full time and attention on escaping. Unfortunately, in his current foster home he doesn’t have access to the whole house due to a resident cat and he is desperate to explore more and enjoy the garden.


With a very thick and long coat, Henry is not a cat for anyone without a powerful Hoover or Histamine system. The grooming will need to be almost daily and thorough to keep his coat from matting and furballs minimal . The good news is, he absolutely loves being combed – you will need to love this too.


Henry has lived until very recently with his brother – who was a bit of a bully. Now Henry is alone he appears to be loving his new autonomy. Which might need to persist in his next home. We don’t think it would be fair for Henry to a homed with an existing cat.


Families with very young children need to consider that as gentle as Henry is, he is quite heavy handed with his head bumps and will bump anyone in sight. He can start purring at the mere sight of you and at night when he’s not exploring or playing, his large presence is felt at the end of our bed.


Henry is middle aged and seems in good condition; he eats a healthy raw and royal canin diet which is evident in his soft fur and despite his size he likes to eat little and often. He is a very large cat but not overweight or greedy. He loves his toys and can’t wait to have a home where he can have a full life, inside and outside.


Overall Henry is an easy, no-nonsense, loving, big cat who’ll bring a lot of joy to his new family. He is neutered, chipped, fully vacinated de-flead and wormed.