Inca is a lovely cat aged 12.5 years. She is a tortoiseshell Burmese x, so has unusual, pretty markings and a very soft coat. Despite being quite petite, she has a massive purr. She loves people and settled instantly into her foster home with us. When we go into her room, she gets very excited and scrubs on everything with enthusiasm, but will then settle close by and purr at the sound of voices, as she thinks she’s being talked to. She also has a very expressive tail, which seems to have a mind of its own and is certainly not an expression of annoyance, as with most cats. She is easy to handle – she is happy to be picked up and loves to be combed. Her previous owner was very sad to give her up, but had to move and couldn’t take Inca with her. She has said that Inca is very intelligent and loves to play cat games on a phone or tablet, but we haven’t tested that out yet!

Inca is hyperthyroid for which she takes medicine twice a day. This is given by syringe into her mouth, and she happily accepts this. We have her full veterinary history which shows frequent vet visits and, because of this and due to her age, ARC will cover Inca’s vet bills for any preexisting condition or agerelated conditions that may develop, providing she is seen at Twickenham Veterinary Surgery where ARC has an account. Inca has been health-checked by our vet, been fleadand wormed and had a blood test to check her medication is correct for her thyroid levels. We will happily discuss past and current veterinary issues with anyone interested in adopting her.

Inca deserves a quiet retirement, so we will only home her with adults and older children, in a home with access to a garden.