Jack is a neutered boar, approximately 2 ½ yrs old, and has black and ginger-coloured hair. He is a good-natured fellow, who likes lap-time and cuddles. Jack enjoys daily free roaming with plenty of places to hide.

At mealtimes, he gets very excited, and especially at breakfast, likes to run to the kitchen to watch his food being prepared! He eats most vegetables and salad, with occasional fruit, along with Science Selective and/or Burgess nuggets.

Sometimes Jack can get ‘spooked’ by sudden movement or loud noise, therefore would suit a calmer home environment.

Jack will be ready to meet some ladies from July the 18th once he’s 6 weeks post neuter, we will be looking for a spacious indoor set up that’s 140cm or bigger, a 4×2 C&C with lots of enrichment would be ideal.