Jack is a 5 year old male neutered Chihuahua (he is possibly a cross as he is quite chunky). He is looking for a quiet home and a comfy lap to sit on. He is far from energetic and doesn’t want to play or live with other animals. He likes his comforts and he would worry about sharing them with other pets. He is however perfectly behaved when out and about. He is wary of strangers particularly men but very good with those he knows and trusts. Jack is not a morning lad and would happily sleep in until lunchtime and he doesn’t appreciate being woken up for pee pees!!

This poor little man has been moved from home to home in his relatively short life and needs a permanent home, who will accept him as he is. He likes to shadow his foster mummy but he does not have separation issues and can be left for reasonable periods.

Jack has a grade 3 heart murmur he has been scanned and there are no changes to his heart at this time and he does not need medication. This will need regular monitoring.

If you can offer Jack a peaceful home please email lucy@animalrescueandcare.org.uk