Janet has been with us for a year and she has mellowed a lot. When she first came to us she was friendly but also rather tense and always ready to defend herself. She’s still not keen on being held but puts up with it for short periods of time and will let out a long angry meow when she’s had enough. She is affectionate on her own terms and always seems happy to see us. She likes to sit on my lap for a few minutes before curling up on the sofa to sleep. She also likes to be stroked but is a terribly busy cat so doesn’t have much time for that sort of thing.

Janet is very active for her age and loves her outdoors adventures. When the weather is nice she spends most of the day outside, popping back in regularly to check on us and have a bit of food. She’s an independent cat and should be fine being left alone during the day as long as she’s got a cat flap. We keep her in at night and she generally settles down to sleep quickly. She’s friendly and sweet with our female neighbours but much more wary of the men. Janet doesn’t wander far but she is very inquisitive and has an unfortunate habit of getting herself locked into places. Any sensible cat would meow to be let out but Janet just sits quietly and waits. She has been in neighbours’ outbuildings, flats, building sites and even cupboards. She now wears a tracker to help us find her.
She needs an adult only home with no other cats.

Life with Janet certainly never gets boring.