Janet is an 8 year old black and white female cat who has been handed in to arc by her previous owners after they’d had her for a year, as she was not as friendly and cuddly as they wanted her to be.

Janet is a wonderful cat. It’s true that she’s highly strung but she’s also intelligent, sensitive, affectionate and full of character. Janet has become a lot calmer and nicer in the last few weeks. Affection still has to be on her terms but she is becoming more patient and just gives you a sharp turn of her head when she’s had enough. I’ve also been able to pick her up for brief periods of time when she’s feeling relaxed enough. She still has her boisterous moments when she runs around like a crazy cat and clambers to the top of the cat tree or wardrobe where she will pull a grumpy face and definitely won’t let anyone touch her. There’s nothing mean about it, it’s just playfulness and an excess of energy. Once you know her it’s easy to tell whether she’s in a friendly mood or whether she’s looking for trouble. She’s not the sort of cat who will turn with no warning but you definitely need to pay attention.

She misses going outside and still spends a lot of time looking out of the window. If she’s lucky she’ll see some birds, if she’s unlucky the neighbour’s cat will walk past which makes Janet very angry indeed! She would be best in a home with a cat flap, so she can potter as she wishes once settled.

She’s an undemanding cat to live with – sensible with her food, not particularly vocal and doesn’t try to wake you up at night. She’s more spirited than your average cat but it’s part of what makes her lovable. I would expect vet visits and the like to always be tricky with her but day to day she’s lovely to have around.

We would re-home Janet to an experienced owner without children, as she will warn if she is upset or frightened. Once settled and trusting of you she very sweet though and often comes to sit on my lap.
Janet used to enjoy the garden in her previous home, which she accessed via a cat flap. Janet came in to us neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped, and we have health-checked, wormed and flead her.

Video of Janet with her fosterer-