Janet is an 8 year old black and white female cat who has been handed in to arc by her previous owners after they’d had her for a year, as she was not as friendly and cuddly as they wanted her to be.

Janet is a wonderful cat. It’s true that she’s highly strung but she’s also intelligent, sensitive, affectionate and full of character. She is extremely energetic for her age and needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation so good outdoor access will be important. She loves to play and explore and I’ve been trying to keep her entertained by playing with her a lot. She likes to chase toys (a simple piece of string is her favourite) but she also likes to sneak up on me and then run away when I move towards her. Sometimes she gets a bit too excited about it all but she always calms down again if I sit quietly and let her come to me to be stroked.
There has been a fair amount of swiping and biting but she is capable of being gentle and most of the time it’s without claws and just the slightest touch of teeth. I think it’s simply part of how she communicates. She has strong boundaries so I only stroke her head and back and it always has to be on her terms. She’s very sweet though and often comes to sit on my lap. She doesn’t handle stressful situations well but she is a lovely cat when she is comfortable and we find her endlessly fascinating.

She was quite growly and hissy on first arrival at her fosterers’, as she was thoroughly fed up with all the to-ing and fro-ing involved with being handed over to the arc cat coordinator, being health-checked at the vet and being brought to her fosterers’. However, as soon as she was out of her carrier, she inspected her new quarters and came over to say hello, which is quite unusual – most cats go into hiding initially. She had only been at her fosterers’ for a short while, but has shown herself to be a confident cat who greets them by weaving around their legs, and will happily scrub against their hands and accept a stroke. She will come over when called and loves to play with a feather on a stick, catnip-filled toys and a piece of string. HOWEVER, she will only accept affection when she wants it and after a couple of strokes will hiss a warning that she’s had enough! We would only re-home Janet to an experienced owner without children, as she will lash out if she is upset or frightened. She has also been over-grooming slightly and so her fur is a little thin around the base of her tail. This is usually a sign of stress, so we would hope once she is settled in her new forever home, she will stop this behaviour. With time and patience, she is more accepting of strokes from her owners. Apparently, Janet used to enjoy the garden in her previous home, which she accessed via a cat flap. Janet came in to us neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped, and we have health-checked, wormed and flead her. Are you an experienced cat owner who would like to win Janet over?