Jeffery is a very handsome 1 year old male Syrian hamster who was given up due to one of his owners developing an allergy. He is an absolute introvert and is very comfortable pottering around his cage in his own time. He is true to his natural self and particularly likes the quiet and dark and would prefer a home that settles earlier rather than later. If he does feel he wants to grace his fosterer with his presence than he will also expect to be hand fed treats in return. Although Jeffery does not like to be picked up he will tolerate it to be transfered to a playpen or a carrier for cleaning or travel. He is a very gentle boy and would be best suited in a adult or teen home due to the very late start to his day’s.

He’s a lovely boy who will need a spacious set up that’s 100×50×50 cm with a 12″ wheel and plenty of enrichment to keep him happy, healthy and mentally stimulated.