Hamish and Jemima have come into our care after someone rescued them from a bad situation but realised she could not cope with them either. Jemima is a plump, helicopter-eared female while poor Hamish is a rather underweight, lionhead cross male. He has come in with a history of diarrhoea and has, in the past, suffered from fly strike. He has been seen by our vet and we have shaved his bottom to help him stay a bit cleaner. We will also keep him on hay and pellets only and treat him with Panacur in the hope this will help.

Jemima has been vaccinated but our vet has chosen not to vaccinate Hamish for a couple of weeks in the hope he will be a little healthier and will have put on some weight. They are a sweet pair who are very fond of each other. Their owner was unsure of their age but thought they were around 4 years old.   Can you offer this sweet pair their new forever home together when they are ready (probably be towards the end of December) ?