Jim-Bob has come into ARC’s care with his mummy and 6 siblings because his owner is leaving the country. He has only recently arrived and is having to be cared for in our cattery unit as all our foster homes are full at the moment. Before he is homed, Jim-Bob will have a health check where he will be wormed, fleaed and microchipped. Jim-Bob is available to be viewed and reserved but he cannot go to his new home until he is 8 weeks old, around 17th July. Anyone wishing to adopt a young kitten must be sure they can afford to get their kitten vaccinated when it is 9 weeks, with a booster at 12 weeks. They should also be able to pay for the kitten to be neutered when it is 4 to 5 months old. ARC will only home kittens where there is a garden or safe outdoor space that can be accessed via a cat flap.
FOSTER HOME UPDATE: Jim-Bob is a very playful kitten who is usually found snuggling or playing with his brothers, Jason and Ben. The boys enjoy play fighting with each other and attacking anything that dangles! All the tabby kittens are gorgeous and it would be lovely if Jim Bob could be homed with one of this litter mates. He will be ready to go to a new home from 17.7.24 when he has been weaned.