Lilo is a black female cat who has come into our care because she was unwanted by her original owner. She moved in with another neighbour but they got fed up with her and locked her out of the house so, yet another neighbour kindly brought Lilo into ARC’s care, with the permission of the original owner, to find a home where this super girl can be loved and appreciated. Lilo has a friendly, gentle and confident disposition so should be suitable for most types of home. Her foster home will update us with more information on her personality as soon as she is settled.
Lilo has clearly been helping herself to food around the neighbourhood as she is quite plump so could do to lose some weight! She has seen the vet to have a health check. She has been wormed, fleaed, microchipped and had her first vaccinations. She will need a booster in early April and this will be the responsibility of her new owner if she is homed by then. Lilo is used to outdoor access so will need a home where there is a cat flap into a garden that she can use once she is settled.
UPDATE FROM FOSTER HOME: Lilo is a friendly, sweet and gentle darling, she was on a lap within 5 minutes of arriving and has barely been off since. She was very worried the first few weeks but never stopped wanting to be cuddled up in a lap, and that is anywhere, even just crouching down to say hello will sometimes get you a cat on your lap. Lilo came to ARC very overweight so is at the beginning of her weight loss journey, although she does voice her concerns that she hasn’t been given enough food she isn’t a particular nag and is adjusting quite well to more appropriate amounts of food. Her meow is somewhere between a ‘baa’ and a creaky door. Everyday, as she grows in confidence she becomes a little more active and playful, she loves tiny balls particularly, although outside is quite scary at the moment she will pop out briefly now and then with company, and is getting braver everyday. Lilo very much just wants to be loved but needs someone who can also gently encourage her to play and go outside until she finds her feet, be willing to help her continue to manage her weight, and, mostly be a cat bed (watch out she dribbles when content).
We have a dog whom she lives with peacefully, mainly by just ignoring her.