Lemmy (white, 1 year), Larry (agouti, 8 months), Lucas (agouti, 8 months) are the result of a breeding situation which got out of control due to a Pet Shop mis-sexing a pair. They were then advertised for free (!) online. Fortunately, another Rescue saved them and passed them to us before it was too late, and they potentially ended up in the wrong hands.

Lemmy is the Dad, and Larry and Lucas are his two sons. These boys are friendly, but a little flighty at the moment, as they likely haven’t been used to too much handling. This should change when they are settled and more confident.

Gerbils should be kept in a large tank with at least 8 -10 inches deep of burrowing material to satisfy their natural instincts, and we recommend the Ferplast Gabry 80, Skyline Falco, Skyline Marrakesh(96cm) or a similar sized tank.