Leo is a handsome tabby and white male. He is 2 years old and has come into our care because he was finding living with young children rather challenging. We think Leo would be fine with older children or teenagers who know to give him space when he doesn’t want attention. Leo is friendly and sweet and enjoys spending time in the garden. He has lived with a dog so would be able to live with a cat-friendly dog.
Leo is castrated and up to date with his vaccinations. He will have a health check before rehoming and will be microchipped, wormed and fleaed. When he was younger, Leo broke his leg but this healed well and does not cause him a problem.

Update from fosterer ‘He’s gorgeous. After a couple of days spent behind the sofa, coming out at 9pm and asking to go out and complaining when not allowed, he’s now out and about and coming when called – if he feels like it! He’s purry and affectionate. He’s happy to sit on my lap and be petted. He’s adorable! So good and started to be playful. Goes out the catflap but won’t come in via it just yet!’