Lily & Flax are an adorable sister and brother pair and absolutely adore each other. Lily is a Dutch Lionhead Cross with beautiful blue eyes and bold Dutch markings in an unusual light brown colour. She is a very intelligent little girl and loves to explore. Flax is a gorgeous pink-eyed white (PEW) and a little bit shy at the moment, but is coming round with daily strokes. He is following in his sisters pawsteps on the adventurous side of things. Both love their hay and eat lots of it every day. They also love their veggies and herbs and running around in the run on the grass, which they love to eat too. They get very excited when they see food coming their way and will eat anything offered to them.

They are both vaccinated. Flax is neutered and Lily is booked to be neutered in October.  Can you offer this gorgeous pair the new forever home?