Lola is a stray cat who was trapped by another rescue. At first she was thought to be a feral but it quickly became apparent that she is not. However, she does have eyesight issues so needs a special home with a safe secure garden. Our vet thinks that Lola no vision in one of her eyes and limited vision in the other. Unfortunately, the vet does not think that there is anything that can be done to improve Lola’s sight.

Lola has moved to a foster home who have found the following-

‘She is utterly adorable – one of the friendliest cats we’ve fostered (and we must be heading towards 50 by now).  She has to be invited for a cuddle and a stroke, but once she’s on one’s lap there is no moving her (other than for food). She purrs relentlessly’ loves being stoked and clearly enjoys company.
I suspect that the sight issues (which makes her utterly uninterested in sitting on the window sill, it seems) means that she is not well-suited to a family with small children or other sources of  loud noise (which might mean children full stop, if our own are anything to go by!).  She clearly doesn’t like noises because she hears them but can’t see the source immediately or very easily.  Her sight problems (she can still chase round and play with string!) also probably mean she needs to go somewhere road-safe.  In short, she needs somebody who will lavish attention on her (and enjoy the attention she reciprocates).
Very affectionate. Huge purrs, loves having her chin rubbed. I think her eyesight is a bit better than we first thought. For example, if I blink at her (without making a noise to attract her attention), she will blink back. So she must have eyesight in at least one eye. ‘
She is a very gentle soul but is obviously nervous in new situations and with new people although she shows no aggression at all. Due to her less than perfect sight, Lola will need a safe secure garden to enjoy.
Lola is estimated to be 2 years of age. She has been spayed, microchipped, flead and wormed. She has not yet been able to start her vaccinations.